Where to train Muay Thai in Thailand | 9 best places

Where to train Muay Thai in Thailand

Training Muay Thai in Thailand is one of the best experiences you will ever have.

The Muay Thai camps there are the best in the world, and you will train with great coaches whilst enjoying amazing weather, scenery and culture.

But knowing which part of Thailand to train can be difficult… The choice is overwhelming.

So, I’ve put together this detailed guide showing you the best locations in Thailand to train, the camps within them, and some general information about the areas.

Here goes…


Guide contents

  • Bangkok
  • Phuket
  • Koh Samui
  • Koh Phangan
  • Pattaya
  • Chiang Mai
  • Hua Hin
  • Phetchabun
  • Krabi


Within each area I will run through;

  • How to get there
  • Muay Thai camps in the area
  • Pros and cons (local area, nightlife, attractions, prices etc.)



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Bangkok is Thailand’s bustling capital and is home to a lot of the big name Muay Thai fighters. It’s a hugely popular tourist destination with lots of things to do, and lots of great Muay Thai gyms.

If you like bright lights, street food, night life and lots of action, then Bangkok gives you all of that.



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Bangkok is also home to the 2 most famous Muay Thai stadiums in the world, the Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadiums. If you a serious about your Muay Thai, it’s a great place to watch and train amongst the best fighters in the sport.


How to get there

Bangkok is one of the easiest destinations to reach in Thailand because it has a huge international airport (Bangkok airport / Suvarnabhumi Airport) which receives international flights from all over the world.

If you are travelling to Bangkok from the west, it’s a simple (but long) flight – you will either fly direct or with one  stop off beforehand. Once you’ve landed you then you can simply jump in a taxi or train to reach your accommodation, which should take around an hour.


Muay Thai camps in Bangkok

Your spoilt for choice when it comes to Muay Thai camps in Bangkok and the standard is very high, with lots of pro fighters training in the area – most gyms offer beginner classes and camps also.

Here are a few of them…


Attachai Muay Thai gym

Owned and run by Lumpinee champion Attachai Fairtex, this gym is very well equipped and has a host of great coaches.

Despite being in the middle of Bangkok, it’s actually in a fairly green spot right next to a fishing lake, so the scenery is better than most city camps.


Sor Vorapin gym

Sor Vorapin is another centrally located Muay Thai gym which offers a range of training packages, accommodation and even regular meals as part of their deals


Petchyindee Kingdom

A very modern Muay Thai gym with excellent facilities including an on-site fitness gym and very swanky accommodation.


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The pros of Bangkok are…

  • Easy to reach and plenty of accommodation
  • Wide choice of Muay Thai gyms and a very high standard of trainers
  • The world’s 2 best Muay Thai stadiums on your doorstep
  • Endless bars, restaurants, street food and busy night life



The cons of Bangkok are…

  • Extremely densely populated, very busy and loud
  • No beaches!
  • Gets very hot and humid in the city


If you want to book a stay at Muay Thai camp in Bangkok, book with BookMartialArts.com – They have a great selection of camps and do some great deals



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If you want to escape the noise of the city, Phuket is one of Thailand’s largest islands and is home to some it’s most beautiful beaches. It also has lots of tourist attractions and a vibrant but pleasant night life. The island is a little more pricey than other parts of Thailand, but you get a bit more of a luxury experience for your money.



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Phuket has plenty of Muay Thai camps in stunning surroundings with equally stunning accommodation and they welcome beginner trainers from all over the world.


How to get there

You can get direct international flights to Phuket airport, but you can also fly there from Bangkok.


Muay Thai camps in Phuket

Here are a few of Phuket’s camps…


KYN Muay Thai gym

KYN is actually based on an island just off of Phuket, but it’s only a short boat ride away. It’s run by Thai boxing champion Hlukhin, and they offer group class training packages along with some amazing beach-side accommodation.


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Tiger Muay Thai

Located in central Phuket, Tiger Muay Thai is a world renowned camp offering Thai boxing, MMA, BJJ and general fitness classes. They’ve also got first class facilities and accommodation in a very picturesque location.



The pros of Phuket are…

  • Stunning location, plenty of amazing beaches and other natural surroundings
  • Quieter than the busy cities like Bangkok, but still plenty of people about and atmosphere
  • Lots of tourist attractions, nightlife and things to do



The cons of Phuket are…

  • It’s a bit more expensive than most other parts of Thailand
  • Takes a while to travel to if you don’t fly direct
  • If you are looking for crazy nightlife, you won’t find it here



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Koh Samui and Koh Phangan

Koh Samui and Koh Phangan are 2 small beautiful islands off the south coast of Thailand, they are very popular with backpackers and general holiday makers.  They have amazing beaches and a big spiritual community, so it’s easy to find a good yoga class if you want to mix your training up.



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Koh Samui is the more developed of the two islands with its own airport and more of a seasoned tourist industry.

Koh Phangan is little less developed but it still has all the modern conveniences you need to get by– it also has some pretty wild night life including the world famous full moon party.



How to get there

Koh Samui has an airport you can fly to from Bangkok.

Koh Phagnan doesn’t have an airport so you’ll need to get a boat from the mainland.


Muay Thai camps in Koh Samui and Koh Phangan

Here are a few of the islands’ camps…


Lionheart Samui Muay Thai

Lionheart is a big well equipped gym nestled to scenic green surroundings not too far from the beach. They offer classes, camps, accommodation, food and even yoga and massages.


Punch it Gym

Punch it gym is a very modern and well equipped gym offering courses for a range of abilities, with accommodation and personal training sessions available.


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The pros of these islands are…

  • Incredibly beautiful islands with amazing beaches
  • Plenty of night life and lots of travellers and backpackers around
  • Spiritual community with yoga, massage and other treatments available



The pros of these islands are…

  • Quite tricky to get to, especially Koh Phagnan
  • Some people may find the night life a bit too crazy



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Pattaya is a popular tourist city just south of Bangkok with a great stretch of beaches, resort hotels, clubs and golf courses. There’s plenty to do between training sessions and the nightlife doesn’t stop.





How to get there

Pattaya is just south of Bangkok, so once you’re out of the airport you can get a train, taxi or bus to Pattaya in an hour or so.


Muay Thai camps in Pattaya

Here are some of the camps in Pattaya…


Kombat group

Kombat group is a martial arts gym which offers Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ and weight loss programmes. They have a pool and you can also take massages and yoga classes.




Twin tiger Muay Thai

Based in the centre of the city, Tiger Muay Thai have a host of ex-professional fighters on their trainer books, and they offer camps as well as single sessions.



The pros of training in Pattaya

  • Easy to get to, due to its proximity to Bangkok
  • Plenty of tourist attractions and a good transport network
  • If you want nightlife, there’s bundles of it in Pattaya
  • A good stretch of beaches



The cons of training in Pattaya

  • Very crowded with lots of tourists and not really an authentic taste of Thailand
  • The gyms don’t offer a very high standard of Muay Thai training
  • Some people may find the night life a bit too crazy



Chiang Mai

If you want to see a slightly different side of Thailand, Chiang Mai offers a modern city set amongst a striking mountain range. It doesn’t have the flashing lights of Bangkok or Pattaya, but a more laid back atmosphere with plenty of historic sites to see.



Chiang Mai


You can also go on some pretty epic treks in the mountains between training and visit some authentic temples or elephant sanctuaries.


How to get there

Chiang Mia is way up North, so you need to get a flight up there from Bangkok. You can get a train too, but it takes a very long time.


Muay Thai camps in Chiang Mai

Here are some good camps in Chiang Mai;


Bangarang gym

The very cool named Bangarang gym offers Muay Thai sessions in really modern gym facilities (including a tennis court) and swish accommodation in a peaceful rural setting.


Chiang Mai


Por Silaphaigym

Por Silaphaigym offers Muay Thai training, accommodation, and is situated near a great market for all of you shopping needs.



Pros of training in Chiang Mai

  • Natural rural setting that you gives you a real taste of Thailand away from the tourist traps
  • Not as expensive as the big cities
  • Lots of interesting things to do like visiting temples and elephant sanctuaries
  • Awesome mountains to trek



Cons of training in Chiang Mai

  • It’s in the North of Thailand which makes it longer to reach, and isolates you from the cities and islands in the south if you are planning to travel about
  • If you want pumping nightlife you may find it bit quiet here


Chiang Mai


Then there are 3 more areas where you can train Muay Thai, but they aren’t as popular as the above, so I’ll just run through them quickly before rounding this guide up.



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Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a seaside resort on the gulf of Thailand and quite a well-to-do area with the Thai royal family having a summer home there.



Phetchabun is province in central Thailand with mountains and a slightly cooler climate.



Krabi is a fairly popular tourist province with plenty of beaches, islands and limestone cliffs.



Where should you train Muay Thai in Thailand?

Picking an area to train Muay Thai will depend on a number of factors such as;

  • The quality of the training – If you’re advanced and looking to really push yourself then the Bangkok gyms with the best fighters will appeal to you, but beginner training is available everywhere
  • Your appetite for nightlife – Do you want to be out partying every night? Or do you want a more relaxed trip?
  • Beaches and scenery – Do you want to tie your training in with a beach holiday? Or would you rather be based in the city?
  • Entertainment – Do you want to explore and take in other experiences? Or would you rather be somewhere secluded and quiet?

Hopefully this guide has given you a good steer on where you’d like to train Muay Thai in Thailand.

Feel free to ask me questions about these areas in the comments.

Happy training!

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