Venum Muay Thai shorts

Venum Muay Thai shorts

If you’re serious about training Muay Thai, you’ll need a good pair of shorts to train in.

Venum are one of the best martial arts brands on the market, and their Muay Thai shorts are extremely high quality, with bold designs.

I’ve put together a list of the best Venum Muay Thai shorts out there, so you can find your perfect pair.



Venum Bangkok Inferno Muay Thai shorts

The Venum Bangkok Inferno Muay Thai shorts are everything you’d expect from a high-quality product. They’re lightweight, 100% polyester and the design and cut allow for a wide range of movement of the legs. The embroidered design is hand-stitched onto the shorts, as opposed to printed on so will last much longer.



Venum Gladiator 3.0 Muay Thai shorts

The Venum Gladiator 3.0 Muay Thai shorts are a 100% lightweight polyester short that are handmade in Thailand. They’re delicate enough to be hand wash only, but strong enough to cope with the demands of intense training. Usual design features of wide leg cut for maximum leg mobility as standard.



Venum classic Muay Thai shorts

The Venum classic Muay Thai shorts are a very subtle design, all in one colour with a modest logo stitched to them. They’re handmade in lightweight polyester so are hand wash only. The have the typical wide leg cut and the thick elasticated waistband for comfort. In some cases the sizing has been reported to be out, so take care when buying.



Venum giant Muay Thai shorts

The Venum Giant Muay Thai shorts are a step away from the traditional design in the sense that they have large mesh ventilation panels down each of the legs – a welcome addition for warm weather training. Beyond that they maintain the usual design features of lightweight polyester, cut to allow full leg movement and a thick elasticated waistband. The design is towards the subtle end, which lots of fighters prefer.



Non Venum alternatives

Although Venum are one of the market leaders in the Muay Thai shorts world, I have a couple of non-Venum pairs for you to take a look at as well…


Evo fitness Muay Thai shorts

The Evo Fitness Muay Thai shorts are a big change from the Venum line up – they are made from a moisture-wicking satin fabric, which maintains comfort at a light weight. The T3 stitching is known to be high quality as well, meaning the Evo Fitness shorts will be very well made. The laser cut design finishes the look with a traditional decorative style.



Lumpini Muay Thai shorts

Lumpini Muay Thai shorts come with a strong reputation for quality and these don’t disappoint. They’re made in Thailand from 100% Thai Silk Satin, meaning they’re comfortable, durable and lightweight. The traditional style and cut gives you all the manoeuvrability you need, and the branding sets them off perfectly to complete the look.



How to pick the right Muay Thai shorts

To train and compete at your best, you need to be feeling your best. That can come in part from how comfortable you are in your kit. Picking the perfect pair of Muay Thai shorts is an important part of this whole additional preparation, so its worth taking the time to look through a few different kit options so you know what your choice is.

In this section I’m going to run you through a few of the areas you need to think about and consider when deciding which pair of Muay Thai shorts are right for you.



There are a few different points on the style of Muay Thai shorts…. You want to look as good as Buakaw right??

There are a couple of consistent points – the thick waistband and the open leg cut. These are a feature of all shorts for both functionality and accepted standards. That being said, the differences are found in the materials – do you prefer polyester, satin or silk?

Polyester is lightest of the three, but it is hand wash only so not as easy to care for. It is however extremely durable so is a popular choice. The Satin is light also, is naturally sweat-wicking and the cheapest of the three. The satin silk is easier to look after (it’s machine washable) and also has sweat wicking capabilities, but may not be as durable as the polyester.



The quality of the shorts comes down to the materials and the manufacture. If you opt for the handmade pairs of Muay Thai shorts you’re likely to get a longer lasting, better quality pair. The quality of hand stitching is usually superior as it is checked more thoroughly during construction.

Handmade shorts are usually a better, more accurate cut of fabric too so are often more comfortable to wear. The logo is also important – on the more expensive and theoretically higher priced shorts, the logo is embroidered rather than glued or screen printed on. This lasts longer and is less susceptible to damage during use.



The price varies depending on the factors I’ve already listed here, but typically speaking you won’t be paying crazy money for your shorts. Decide on what you like the look of, how they’re made and the materials you want your shorts to be made from and then look at the rest of the details such as logo design and cut, as in many cases the cut is the same.



When it comes to comfort, you can’t really go far wrong with your Muay Thai shorts – they’re all cut with huge range of movement as a key consideration for throwing those high kicks. The waistbands are thick and lie flat on the skin, so they don’t dig in either.

The other element of comfort comes from their moisture and sweat wicking capabilities. Most shorts don’t have side mesh panels to help keep the sweat away (but a few do), so if that’s a big deal to you look for shorts with the additional ventilation which will help to keep you slightly cooler.


Venum Muay Thai shorts conclusion

Although the vast majority of shorts share the same few design features, there are a few individual differences between brands, styles and pairs when you look a little closer. Take the time to read through this guide, think about what is important to you and then make an informed decision, rather than just picking a pair that look the coolest, rather than suit your actual training and fighting needs. There are few more important items of kit in Muay Thai, so make sure you pick the right shorts – you’ll be glad you did!

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