RDX Ego boxing gloves review

RDX Ego boxing glove review

If you train boxing, MMA or Muay Thai, and you’re looking for a decent pair of boxing gloves that won’t break the bank, you’ve probably come across the RDX Ego gloves.

But at such a cheap price, are they any good?

I’ve used these gloves before, so I’ve written a review for you below to talk about their pros and cons, as well as how they stack up against the competition.


RDX Ego review breakdown

  • About RDX
  • RDX Ego overview
  • Materials and quality
  • Features
  • Pros and cons
  • Where to buy them
  • Alternative gloves

About RDX


RDX are a very well-known western MMA brand who set out to provide high quality fight gear at much lower prices than their Asian competitors – and they have certainly achieved that.

I’ve used lots of RDX gear over the years and the quality is always very tough and durable – and it’s much cheaper than buying from Eastern brands like Fairtex or Twins.

So, choosing RDX for any gear is always a good choice in my opinion.



RDX Ego overview

RDX Ego overview

The Egos are RDX’s cheapest pair of boxing gloves which can be used for training and sparring, and come in a range of weights from 80z to 16oz – remember you’ll need 16 oz gloves if you intend to spar with them.

They are well made, but they are very basic.

If you are a pro looking for the best gloves on the market, then the Egos aren’t for you. They are more intended for the casual trainer, or somebody who is just getting started in Muay Thai.



Materials and quality

The Egos are made from Maya hide leather which is not actually real leather, but a synthetic leather.

It’s still a high-quality material, and should last the casual trainer well over a year if you look after them.

Synthetic leather is not as tough or durable as real leather, but you pay a lot less money for it.

As with all RDX gear, the craftmanship of these gloves is very good – you won’t have any problems with stitching falling apart etc.

Features of the RDX ego gloves

Here’s a quick run down of the glove features.



As with all RDX gloves, the Egos are padded with a mixture of foam and gel which create a good amount of shock absorption to protect your hands, even when hitting a heavy bag.


RDX Ego vents



The Egos have ventilation holes in the palm and an inner wick layer which is intended to draw sweat away from the palms. I’m not sure about the science behind this, but the end result is that the gloves stay smell-free for quiet a long time. You’ll still need to give the inside a wipe from time to time though.


Cuffs and straps

So, here is the only real negative thing I have to say about these gloves.

The cuffs have Velcro straps, which is nice and convenient for training when you need to take them off and on repeatedly – which is great.

However, the cuffs themselves are very small and flimsy – as are the straps.

This means that the gloves don’t feel very firmly attached to your hands, and don’t offer a great deal of wrist support.

Another point worth mentioning is that the Velcro strap doesn’t always fit right around the cuff, which causes a bit of the Velcro to stick out.

You can just about see this happening in the photo below


RDX Ego cuffs


This isn’t the end of the world, but if you are sparring you may find yourself catching a sharp bit of Velcro on someone’s arm or head, which can be very annoying for your sparring partners.


Pros and cons of the RDX Ego gloves

Here’s a quick round up of the pros and cons of these gloves.



  • Very cheap – These are probably the cheapest pair of decent boxing gloves you can buy
  • Well made – cheap doesn’t mean low quality here – The material is strong and these gloves will last the average trainer a long time
  • Protective – The padding in these gloves will protect both you and your sparring partners adequately
  • Great for entry level trainers – If you are just starting out in Muay Thai, boxing or MAA, these are a great pair of gloves to get started with



  • Small cuffs – The cuffs on these gloves are a bit on the small and flimsy side, but if you’re wearing hand wraps and using proper form, your wrists should be safe
  • Velcro sometimes sticks out – This doesn’t happen all the time and it’s fairly minor, but it can scratch your sparring partners in the clinch.



Where to buy RDX Ego gloves

The best place to buy these gloves is on – it works out a few pounds cheaper than buying directly from RDX and delivery is always rapid with Amazon.

Customer service is always great too, if you encounter any issues, Amazon or the seller usually sort them out pretty quickly to protect their reviews and seller rating.

Check the current price on Amazon below.


In summary, the RDX are an excellent pair of entry level boxing gloves for any combat sport, and they will keep your spending to a minimum.

Whilst they aren’t the best gloves on the market, they will protect your hands and should last most people over a year.



Alternative gloves…. The RDX Cosmos

To play devil’s advocate here, I’m going to quickly talk about a similar pair of RDX gloves, in the same price range, that you might want to consider.

The RDX Cosmo gloves are in the same category as the Egos – they are basic Maya hide leather gloves and low cost – although just a few pounds more expensive than the Egos.

But… The cuff and straps are much more thick and sturdy, meaning they feel a lot more snug and offer better wrist protection.



From a purely aesthetic stand point, I think they look a lot better too.

So, if you can afford to spend a tiny bit more, I think the RDX Cosmo gloves are a slightly better choice for entry level gloves.


I hope you’ve found this review helpful.

If you have any questions or want me to review another piece of gear, drop me a message in the comments below.

Happy training!

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