Muay Thai shorts for women

Womens Muay Thai shorts

Despite the fact that there are so many amazing women fighters out there, it can be tough to find a good pair of women’s Muay Thai shorts.

So, I’ve put together this list of the best Muay Thai shorts for women from across the web.

This list covers everything you need in good pair of shorts from comfort, style, durability and price.



Islero Ladies Muay Thai Shorts

The Islero Muay Thai shorts are a high-contrast pair of shorts made from moisture wicking satin material. The shorts are constructed with a 4 inch elasticated waistband for comfort and are stitched together with the highly durable T3 stitching. The design is classy and eye-catching with an electric pink contrasting the black satin underneath. The ‘bad girl’ text completes the look.

The anatomical cut allows the fighter full movement, whilst maintaining comfort, lightweight fit and durability. The loose cut will also prevent the shorts sticking to you during fighting or training.



Evo fitness ladies Muay Thai shorts

These EVO Fitness ladies Muay Thai shorts are designed to be eye-catching, with a large cat and crossbones emblem on the front. Sharing the same pink/black combo as the Islero shorts, they certainly stand out from the crowd. Constructed with the 4 inch elasticated waistband and the T3 stitching, they allow the fighter full movement during use.

These shorts are lightweight, constructed from a sweat-wicking satin material and will last you a very long time thanks to their build quality. They’re ideal for both training and competition use.



Islero 2 ladies pink Muay Thai shorts

Where the Islero 2 ladies shorts stick to the pink and black colour scheme synonymous with the brand, they are a more complex design pattern including mesh sides and a more decorative font in the detailing. The shorts have the words ‘Muay Thai’ detailed across the front, making for a different look to the other shorts in the Islero range. The elasticated waistband mixes a white material with an eye-catching pink stripe and the shorts are completed with an Islero branded trim.

They share the same construction features as the others – 4 inch elasticated waistband, T3 stitching, sweat wicking material and full anatomical cut to allow full movement. The mesh makes the shorts more breathable, so are ideal for high-intensity fighters where the output is high.



Fluory women’s Muay Thai shorts

The Fluory shorts mark an upgrade in terms of design and manufacture, but that comes at a higher price point. These are made from 100% polyester, which is an ultra lightweight yet tear-resistant fabric – important in high-level competition. The material is sweat wicking and the construction is completed with reinforced stitching, meaning these shorts will last a very long time.

The logo design will not crack or peel and is fully embroidered, rather than plastic in some cheaper shorts. The waistband is adjustable with a drawstring, giving you the ability to change the comfort and fit as the wearer.

The pink and grey camouflage, motif and text design complete the look of the shorts perfectly.



Islero 3 women’s Muay Thai shorts

The Islero 3 women’s Muay Thai shorts stick to the tried and tested brief of their other models, using the pink and black contrast colours with attention grabbing effect. In this case, there is a flower design added to the leg alongside the ‘girl generation’ statement on the other.

Construction is the same as the other shorts in the Islero range – 4 inch waistband, moisture-wicking satin material, highly durable T3 stitching and full freedom of movement thanks to the light weight nature of the satin and the wide-legged design.

The Islero shorts may be basic, but they contain most of the features of other, more expensive shorts.



How to choose a good pair of womens Muay Thai shorts

As an essential part of the fighters training and competition kit, a good pair of shorts is vital. A fighter can’t afford to be distracted by ill-fitting or poorly constructed shorts at a time when they need their concentration to be at its sharpest.

It is incredibly important that well-informed decisions are made around kit, so you need to consider everything in the list below…



All female fighters have their own unique style, so you have to pick something you like to wear – something that represents you as an athlete and makes you feel good every time you walk into the gym or the ring. Weigh up the designs – do you like bright colours? Are you a logo or a text girl? Do you want something a little less brash? There’s something for everyone out there.



The comfort of the shorts is really important – you have to be able to move freely and have the ability to launch kicks, whilst not overheating. This means loose-fitting cuts and shorts made from lightweight and sweat-wicking materials are best suited for Muay Thai shorts.


The price you are willing to pay will determine what you’ll get for your money. At the lower price point (less than £10) you’ll be able to get satin shorts and some embroidered detailing. If you’re willing to up your budget to over £20, then you’ll be able to pick up tear-resistant, lightweight polyester and shorts.

At the higher price points detailing is usually slightly better and the logos are fully embroidered, meaning they won’t tear, crack or wash off. You’ll also likely benefit from a drawstring waistband, which will further improve your comfort level.



In combat sports, equipment durability is crucial – the demands placed on kit are usually a lot higher, so tear resistance, stitching quality and logo application techniques are all important. Typically speaking, embroidered logos are best because they don’t crack or peel. In terms of stitching, always look for high quality and comfortable such as T3 or reinforced.


Womens Muay Thai shorts – conclusion

A good pair of Muay Thai shorts are important – they have to last you through tough training and competition year on year, so it’s worth investing the time and effort in research so you know you’ll be making a good decision and buying a pair that suit your requirements.

In this guide I’ve given you a lot of options and highlighted all of the key points you need to consider before making a purchase.

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