5 Ways Martial Arts Can Benefit Your Career

Muay Thai

Very often people use opportunities to exercise as a form of escapism from the toils of employment. However, if your escapism of choice is martial arts then you could boost your career at the same time.

So if you train Muay Thai, MMA, or any other martial art, you may be unaware of the advantages your giving yourself outside of the ring or cage.

These 5 benefits will help you become a stronger employee, stand out from the crowd and move your career, as well as your health and well-being, in the right direction.



Desirable qualities in the work place very much include confidence. Having the confidence to perform well, to problem solve, to motivate others, to learn from others all weave together to make a well-rounded employee.

Martial art displays a vast history of improved self-worth, confidence and an awareness of self. The more disciplined and challenging the art, the more confidence is developed and strengthened. Confidence is a highly transferable trait and you can enjoy the security of this ability within the workplace too. So throwing on a pair of gloves and shorts twice a week and training, can really help you to boost your confidence in all aspects of life



Practising a martial art allows you to boost your metabolism, burn fat and improve your cardio vascular endurance. This disciplined form of exercise helps to lift your mood, boost memory, improve decision-making and keep you actively focused on your career. Improving your fitness through martial arts also affects the way you breathe, speak, react to situations, concentrate and even digest food effectively.

Fitness gained through martial arts gives you energy and increased mental capacity to achieve your career goals. Fitness is imperative to your success at work enabling you to function at maximum capacity as well boosting your self-esteem within your job role.



Having the discipline to focus on personal goals is a valuable tool throughout all walks of life. Taking up a martial art is not a short term fix or a fad. These arts are difficult to master and require large amounts of discipline. Discipline is instilled in all martial art students something that can be highly successful when also applied in the workplace

Setting goals in work and focusing on achieving them requires discipline, dedication and persistence. Long term projects in the workplace and solutions to problems very much rely on disciplined employees to match their needs. A martial art student will have these traits in abundance, improving their career prospects along with it.



Both martial arts and your working career always offer you the opportunity to learn more, add new skills, with new areas to explore. The motivation to pursue these new levels of achievement is a highly sort after skill, whether you work as a sports coach or a finance manager.

Having the motivation to turn up to training 3 times a week and hit the punch bags, even when you don’t feel like it, when it’s raining outside or your best buddy isn’t going, is a career boosting talent.

Knowing the reasons why you do something, the value you can get from it and having the motivation to focus on your goals will serve you well both in martial arts, as well as in front of your team at work.


Social skills

Joining a martial arts gym can be a very scary prospect. However, students of martial arts are very like-minded people and supportive of their colleagues. A family like theme grows strongly in most gyms which is where you will fine tune your social skills. Being able to communicate with others, work as a team, approach managers, leaders and people more experienced than you is something that is developed whilst practising martial arts.

These social skills are the bed rock for boosting your career, a confident, disciplined, well-motivated and sociable employee very rarely get overlooked when your career offers you a chance for development.

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