Kids Muay Thai gloves – 6 of the best

Kids Muay Thai gloves

If your kid is currently training to be the next Muay Thai champion, then you need to ensure they have a good pair of gloves.

Your child’s safety is paramount, so you need a pair of gloves that will protect their hands and wrists adequately.

You also need to consider, their comfort, durability, and of course the cost of the gloves.

Here’s my list of the best 6 kids Muay Thai gloves that will give your child maximum protection without breaking the bank.

RDX JBG kids Muay Thai gloves

RDX are one of the go-to names in the combat sports world. These JBG kids gloves are a great quality product, in line with what you’d expect from RDX. Made from hard wearing Maya hide leather, these 4 and 6oz gloves are suitable for a wide range of ages and can be used in both training and competition.

Key features

  • Great range of colours – something to suit all tastes!
  • Dense latex padding and shock-absorbing knuckle protection.
  • Elastic wrist design for easy putting on and taking off.
  • Maya Hide leather construction ensures the gloves last a long time
  • Well ventilated to keep hands as swear free as possible.


Farabi kids boxing gloves

Farabi have produced a high quality range of kids boxing gloves, offering a great combination of design, fit and build quality. Made with protection of the hands as a priority feature, these gloves are both hard wearing and comfortable, with extra attention paid to styling – they come in a huge range of colours!

Key features

  • Made with Hard-K synthetic leather for durability and protection.
  • Superb protection from the H-J Tri mould.
  • Breathable, anti-microbial palms to reduce sweating and smelling
  • Wide range of colours and styles
  • Looped wrist closure for an extra secure fit
  • Duo stitching to make the gloves hard wearing



Farabi Fight Gear kids gloves

These Farabi gloves are their offering for the slightly older, harder-hitting fighter. The designs are more in line with what you’d expect from a full size set of gloves, with secure wrist fastening, extra hand padding and a more subtle design aimed at the slightly older wearer. They are suitable for both competition and training.

Key features

  • Made from a durable and long-lasting synthetic grain leather.
  • Palm-X Vento technology helps to keep the hands drier, ventilated and more comfortable.
  • Anti-microbial properties inside the gloves help to keep bacteria and smell growth to a minimum.
  • Secure wrist fastening to protect the wrist and hands.



Islero kids boxing/Mauy Thai gloves

With an eye-catching Spiderman design suggesting they’re aimed at the younger fighter, these gloves boast a few features that show they can be used for competition and training. Available in only one design but three weights (4, 6 and 8oz), they’re gloves that are suitable for a range of ages. They are at the lower end of the price point range for these kinds of gloves but are well received by users.

Key features

  • Maya Nubuck REX leather and heavy duty synthetic Teflon construction
  • Multi layered high density foam core and gel Protection
  • Mesh interior with palm holes for ventilation
  • Secure strap for tight fitting and wrist support.



Onex boxing gloves for kids

The Onex gloves are a more basic offering in the range, but if you want a simple glove that offers good value for money, this could be it. Available in a variety of colours, these gloves are suitable for training, sparring and basic competition. They’re only available in 6oz, so check sizing before you order.

Key features

  • Synthetic leather construction with injection moulded padding.
  • Gel lined with multiple layer knuckle padding.
  • Durable construction.


RDX JBG 8GN Kids boxing gloves

The RDX JBG 8GN gloves are designed with the slightly older junior fighter in mind. From a design point of view, they’re toned down compared to the younger kids gloves and they share a few of the adult glove features. Thanks to the harder impacts these gloves will be exposed to, the already good construction has been dialled up a few notches with improvements in wrist closure and stitching.

Key features

  • Maya hide leather construction for strength and robustness.
  • QD-1 Lining and Nylon Mesh – helps reduce sweat build up and allows the hands to breathe.
  • Secure wrist fastening – keeps the gloves in place and offers wrist protection during use.
  • Gel padding for hand protection.
  • Double stitching for improved durability.


How to pick Muay Thai boxing gloves for your kids

Picking the Muay Thai boxing gloves for your kids requires a number of decisions – in this section I’ll run you through the points you need to consider to make a good choice.

Your kid’s enjoyment of the sport and their ability to progress safely will often come down to picking good quality gloves for them to use in training and competition, so it’s well worth the effort to research the market and make an informed decision.



Most importantly, young hands need to be protected from the impacts in the sport. Protection is afforded in a number of different ways.

Materials – most children’s gloves will be made from synthetic leather such as Maya hide. This is hard wearing but still allows flexibility for hand movement.

Wrist support is a feature of some gloves. In the slightly older children where impacts are harder, wrist support from a strap is preferable. Younger fighters can usually get away slightly less wrist support.

Possibly the most important aspect of the glove is the padding – multiple layer foams and gels are ideal, both for hand protection and helping disperse the impact through the glove.



With training and competition, the gloves have to be able to withstand a lot of impact – they’ll be hitting pads, bags and opponents so you’re wise to spend the extra money to pick up gloves that will last longer.



Your kids will spend hours wearing the gloves, so comfort is a big issue. Look for ventilation, anti-microbial properties, excellent padding and a good fit across the knuckles. Ideally, an adjustable wrist strap will help more with comfort.



All the brands mentioned in this review offer a good pair of gloves. You can stick to the same few names and not go far wrong – take the time to think about the features that are most important to you and look at the different options in the review. There’s a good chance there’ll be more than one brand that will tick the right boxes for you.



Thankfully, most kids Muay Thai boxing gloves aren’t particularly expensive, so there’s certainly no budget-busting options in my review. As a rule of thumb, you get what you pay for so anything over the £12 mark should see you pick up some decent gloves, but as I said, do your research beforehand so you know you’re making a good decision.

Unlike the adults glove market, the difference in price between market leader and the bottom is small.

In this kids Muay Thai boxing gloves article I’ve covered all the main points so you’re now armed with all the information you need to make a good glove choice for your kids Muay Thai training and competition.

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