Cheap Muay Thai shorts

Cheap Muay Thai shorts

Muay Thai shorts are essential if you want to train Thai boxing.

You need to wear a pair if you want to partake in classes, and you certainly need a pair if you have aspirations of appearing in the ring.

But some Muay Thai shorts can be expensive, and most of us don’t have bundles of cash to burn on shorts – especially if you train a lot, and want more than one pair.

In this article, I’ve found and reviewed the best cheap Muay Thai shorts on the market, so that you can train Muay Thai, look good, and walk away with money left in your pocket.



Evo fitness Muay Thai shorts


These shorts are joint cheapest on the list, but the quality is still good enough for a casual trainer.

They have a smooth satin material that’ll help wick sweat away during each session and their build is perfect for allowing groin space for high kicks.

They also have a laser cut design which makes them look really fresh and eye-catching ones!



Farabi Muay Thai shorts


These comfortable satin shorts from Farabi are built with an elastic K-knit on the waistband, meaning the fit is snug, and can also provide some light abdomen protection. It also makes it much easier to move about during sparring.

They are also treated with Nano thread tech to get rid of sweat and keep you fresh as you kick the pads and heavy bags.

They come in the classic Thai style with Thai writing across the front, so they look a lot like some of the more expensive brands.



Islero Muay Thai shorts


These are the perfect shorts for the big kickers out there. Their design allows for maximum strength retention when kicking which is invaluable, especially if you’re looking to land knockout blows.

They are also extremely long lasting, you can expect to get a good few years from these due to the high quality satin build and elastic waist band.



Maxx Muay Thai shorts


If you like a slightly more flamboyant style of shorts, but still want a decent level of quality – Maxx could be the brand for you.

Different from other shorts on the list, these are made from a tough polyester mix which makes them much more lightweight than the satin offerings and will probably last a lot longer, even with heavy use.

Maxx also offer a money back guarantee on these shorts too, so you know they will last you well into the future.



TurnerMax Muay Thai shorts


Another polyester mix pair, these shorts are lightweight and great for throwing kicks and general mobility.

They also contain tie strings so that you can adjust exactly how tight you want the waistband to be.

Along with this, they are the most understated in the design stakes. If you’re looking for some shorts that aren’t going to take the attention from your blistering kicks, pick these up.



Farabi Tiger Muay Thai shorts


In my opinion, these are the coolest looking shorts on the list. With stars around the outside and a big old tiger in the middle, your opponents will be awestruck by your short style 😉

They are more than just a pretty face though, packing Z-smart design which allows you to move more easily when kicking and generally moving around the ring.

Satin-P construction and slits up the side of the shorts also allow for a much better range of motion in your kicks and allow you to dance around like Saenchai.



How to choose the best cheap Muay Thai shorts

There are 3 main variables when it comes to picking the best cheap Muay Thai shorts. You want to consider what they’re made from (and the quality of said materials), how comfortable they are and if they actually look cool.

Comfort will most affect your training but materials will decide how much use you will get from your shorts and the style – well style is everything isn’t it?



You want a material that’s going to be long lasting and comfortable first and foremost. Something that is stretchable and quite elastic is perfect for a good fit that will stay snug throughout your bouts.

You’re also going to want something that wicks sweat away efficiently and keeps ventilation flowing throughout your lower body. This is vital as you’ll likely be throwing dozens of kicks every few minutes during an intense session.

Some materials like silk will look cool but they’re just not performance-ready so stick with cottons, satins and treated materials that are lightweight and long lasting.



Comfort is key, so this should be the biggest factor in your decision making process. If you don a pair of prickly, un-flexible shorts and try to train for a prolonged period of time, you’re going to find it tedious and eventually just give up.

You need a pair of shorts that are snug around the waist and flow towards the knee whilst leaving adequate room for manoeuvre around the groin region for when you’re throwing kicks.

This ties in with the materials section above – you’re going to want a material that allows for constant movement, that doesn’t let you get too sweaty in areas you don’t want to be and doesn’t irritate you throughout your session.

Ergonomic design is pretty vital here so look for products that lay their design out in depth so that you can see if their process is in keeping with what you are looking for.



We all love a bit of style, don’t we? I know I do.

You want to look your best when you train, and a good looking pair of shorts will certainly help you achieve that.

Of course style isn’t actually that important in terms of performance but if you feel great then you perform great, which means that style is actually a huge psychological factor when it comes to training at high intensity – if you think you look good, you’re going to want to carry on training all day aren’t you?

I can’t tell you what to look out for here as style is very subjective but if I was you I’d get shorts that fit nicely (not too big or too small), have a design that makes sense (colours that work together) and with no slogans on. Stuff like ‘no pain no gain’ really has no place being plastered across your bum.



Choosing the best cheap Muay Thai boxing shorts for your training

And there we have it, your ultimate guide to cheap Muay Thai shorts. There are some great options to choose from here so it is ultimately up to you to take the decision into your own hands.

Be sure to consider materials, comfort and style. You want to look cool whilst training, but you want to be comfortable as you do it.

Happy training!

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