6 Cheap Muay Thai gloves

Cheap Muay Thai gloves

To get the best from your Muay Thai training you need a good pair of boxing gloves

But most of us are limited by budget, so we don’t want to spend the earth.

So, I’ve put together a list of the 6 best cheap Muay Thai boxing gloves on the market, so that you can get great protection and performance without breaking the bank.

I’ve reviewed them all in detail below, so you can find the best gloves for your training.

RDX Ego Muay Thai boxing gloves

These gloves are made from high quality Maya hide (synthetic) leather which is fantastic for durability and protection . They also come with extra thick supremo shock foam – a filling that absorbs power and helps massively with comfort.

The RDX Egos offer great wrist support and include ventilation technology aplenty to keep those mitts sweat-free.



  • High quality Maya Hide leather makes these a durable option
  • Elite Ventilation technology to keep hands clean
  • Quadro-dome technology dispenses force evenly during each strike



  • Slightly zany design, may be a bit too brazen for low-key fighters
  • Can be too stiff for some people, causing knuckle pain
  • The sizing on these is larger than a standard glove from most other brands – not great for small hands



Emrah ESV-300 Boxing Gloves

These minimal gloves from EMRAH are perfect for those looking for an understated design and decent glove life.

Complete with an ultra durable exterior and extra thick regional padding, these are perfect for those who love to do heavy bag or pad work and want to look good whilst doing so.

The thickness on the knuckles especially allows these gloves to take a beating during heavy bag work, perfect for those who are constantly practising big punches



  • Sleek all-black design
  • Extra thick moulded padding on knuckle region
  • Patent-pending DX hide offers fantastic durability



  • Can be slightly too big for those who prefer a snug fit
  • Strap can be too long for smaller wrists
  • Inner lining has potential to come away from exterior with heavy use



RDX ConvEX boxing gloves

This offering from RDX is the second most expensive pair on the list, but are definitely worth the initial outlay in my opinion.

They come with an all-black convex skin combat synthetic leather exterior and X-foam padding technology, making them one of the most advanced pairs on the list.

No other glove on this list comes with this type of padding which is a huge win for the ConvEX. The combination of the interior and the convex skin allow for a hard wearing glove that’ll keep your hands healthy and last you a very long time



  • The Convex skin combat leather offers unrivalled comfort and protection
  • Comes with two types of padding – EVA foam and X-Foam Technology – nice and protective
  • Antibacterial lining to protect hands from infection



  • Fit may be too snug compared to others on the list
  • Knuckle protection can wear down after a year or so
  • Thumb area slightly exposed



Farabi boxing gloves

These Farabi boxing gloves are the cheapest on the list which is a huge plus point.

It comes with a strong synthetic leather exterior and tri layer tech underneath to protect hands during long bouts.

Whilst they may not be as durable as other gloves on the list, the fact that they are so cheap more than makes up for this.

If you’re looking to get stuck in your first Muay Thai class but you’re unsure whether you want to invest much money yet, opt for these.



  • Tri-layer shock absorption tech provides adequate protection for casual trainer
  • Ventilation system soaks up moisture and wicks away sweat
  • Cheapest on the list!



  • As expected with the low cost, the quality is not amazing
  • Rips can develop quite quickly
  • Comfort is not as well revered as others on the list



Emrah Charged V2 boxing gloves

Another minimal design from EMRAH, these sparring gloves are perfect for those who want to go the distance. Complete with a breathable mesh interior, shock absorbent mould padding and Maya-X exterior, these should last you a long time.



  • Great design, understated and quality stitching throughout
  • Fatigue reduction technology within the interior is fantastic for longer bouts
  • Maya-X construction is perfect for long-term durability



  • Velcro strap piping can become cracked quickly
  • Fit might not be to everyone’s taste – some say too big, some say too small. Just be sure to check the measurements against your own
  • Ventilation system may deteriorate after 6+ months



RDX BGR F12 boxing gloves

View on Amazon


Quadro-dome technology – a mould around the glove that forces your hand into a perfect fist, provides protection and stability on the inside whilst a quality Maya Hide and EVA-lution foam provides excellent durability on the outside of these brilliantly made boxing gloves.

RDX continue their high-tech assault on the boxing glove game with these and the use of several foam interiors and materials on the exterior offer a very ergonomic glove that’ll keep your hands safe during heavy bag and sparring sessions.



  • Quadro-dome tech offers fantastic force distribution
  • Exterior is very durable due to quality Maya hide
  • Wrist wrap system secures the gloves snugly to your hands



  • Can be too tight causing cramps in those with larger hands.
  • Lining inside is prone to rips after heavy use
  • When catching/deflecting, it can be tough to open up palms – wearing them in should alleviate this somewhat



How to choose the best cheap Muay Thai gloves

I know you’re on the lookout for cheap gloves but you don’t want poorly made ones. You want ones that are going to stand the test of time regardless of their price.

The list of variables below will take you through what you need to look out for when making your decision and how each will affect your training.



I’ll come out and say this now, the best gloves you can get are going to be leather, but leather gloves are extremely expensive for what they offer.

Unless you’re off to fight in the octagon, you can afford to go with the cheaper materials.

All the gloves on this list are synthetic leather in some form and that is fine – synthetic leathers have come such a long way over the past decade.

But in terms of your material, you’re going to want the highest grade material you can get – this is usually some iteration of Maya hide but there are some other synthetic blends that can offer decent quality too.

They won’t last a lifetime, but they should at least go a year before cracking



Let’s think about it like this, if you were to wear a pair of gloves with no padding – just the leather exterior, how much protection do you think your hands would get? None! It’d be like bare knuckle fighting.

You want gloves that have the best possible padding so that you can spar as much as possible without injuring or fatiguing your hands or wrists.

You also want to take into account the ventilation of the gloves. Look for gloves with ventilation as one of their main selling points. Without this, your hands will slip around in your gloves, the gloves themselves won’t last as long and you may develop bacterial infections.



None of the gloves on the list are hand made my Shaolin Monks, like some bogus brands probably claim, but craftsmanship is still a huge player when it comes to the quality of your gloves.

Things to look out for are reviews stating how well the stitching held up, how easy the material scuffed, how well the velcro stayed intact, etc.

You’ll also want to check that the brand offers some form of money back guarantee to ensure that they have faith in their product, which in turn should give you some piece of mind when you’re throwing your hammer fists about.



This is possibly the most important factor on the list. If your gloves aren’t comfortable then you’re not going to want to practice all the time are you?

You want gloves that have a soft interior but that offer firm, 360 support for your hands and wrists.



Durability is a big factor when it comes to gloves more than any other piece of Muay Thai equipment.

If you’re going to be raining down haymakers upon bags and opponents alike, you’re going to want a pair that can stand the test of time.

Now obviously, you’re looking to spend less than £40 on a pair of gloves, so the durability isn’t going to be of elite standard, however, quality has come a long way and you can now get extremely durable gloves for a respectable price.

You’re going to want gloves with the best quality material you can afford. In this price range it is likely going to be synthetic leather blends or Maya hide.

The best way to gauge how durable the gloves are is to simply take a look at long term reviews of them from the links provided in the article.

This is the beauty of Amazon items – they can be independently reviewed by thousands of people, further informing your buying decision.



Choosing the best cheap Muay Thai boxing gloves for your training

These are without a doubt the best cheap Muay Thai boxing gloves you can get your hands on (or in) but it is up to you which one you take a punt on.

You need to weigh up all the variables such as; price, material, comfort and purpose to get the perfect pair for you.

Either way though, if you’re picking from this list, you’re probably making a solid decision.

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