Best skipping ropes for Muay Thai

Best skipping rope for Muay Thai

Skipping is a core part of Muay Thai training, and is excellent for cardio and leg strength.

In fact, most gyms will expect you to warm up with at least a few minutes skipping.

But skipping can be a tough art to master, so buying a skipping rope to practice at home with, is a great idea.

After all, nobody wants to be that person who keeps tripping up in front of everyone.

If you’re thinking of buying a skipping rope, this guide will take you through the types of ropes available, and review some of the best skipping ropes you can get for your Muay Thai training.

Skipping rope recommendations

I’ve gone through a fair number of skipping ropes during my time training – both in gyms and at home.

Here are a few skipping ropes I recommend going with to compliment your Muay Thai training.

Personally, when I’m buying for home use, I always opt for steel ropes because they last the longest and give you the most control – plus the option to train outside.


Gritin Steel skipping rope

This rope is made from a steel core with a plastic coating which makes it nice and fast but also protects your feet when skipping bare foot.

The handles are foam which makes gripping them easy, and they have a 360 degree swivel ball-bearing attachment which makes the rotation of the rope nice and smooth.

The rope length is adjustable, but you will need a pair of clippers or strong scissors to cut it once adjusted.


Beast Gear steel skipping rope

This Beast Gear rope is another very high-quality adjustable steel rope with a protective plastic coating. It also has a ball bearing swivel system that allows you to whip it round very quickly for performing double unders and other tricks, and good foam handles.

What sets this rope apart from most other ropes, is that Beast Gear have really thought about the user by throwing in a few extras as standard. The best extra is an attachable protector that can be clipped on to the middle of the rope, to stop wear-and-tear – this can literally add years to the shelf life of the rope.

They have also thrown in some spare screws and caps for the adjustment of the length. If you’ve even lost a screw for a skipping rope, you’ll know how difficult it is to find a replacement, so these spares come in very handy.

This rope also comes with a carry case which is good for storing the rope away and ensuring it doesn’t get tangled with anything else.


TechRise steel skipping rope

  • Steel rope with plastic coating
  • Ball bearing swivel
  • Foam anti-slip handles
  • Adjustable rope length


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RDX leather skipping rope

This leather rope is great if you’re just looking to skip indoors, and is a lot less painful when you occasionally catch your feet if you’re skipping barefoot (which you should be if you want practise for the Muay Thai gym)

The rope has a real old school boxing feel to it with wooden handles, and even has adjustable weights in the handles to increase resistance and build arm strength.

This is definitely the coolest and best looking skipping rope out at the moment.



Types of skipping rope

There are 3 main types of rope you will come across when looking to buy a skipping rope…


Plastic / PVC

Probably the most common type of skipping rope you’ll see your local Muay Thai gym are the very basic plastic ropes.

They are cheap and simple, and will tend to last a long time when used on soft flooring such as a padded gym floor.

When being used outside on concrete, they won’t last as long because the impact with the rough floor slowly erodes them. You also can’t get a great deal of speed and control with a plastic rope, as they are relatively flimsy.


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You’ll find a few leather skipping ropes in your Muay Thai gym – and you may also find that they get snapped up by the better fighters during the warm up.

Leather ropes are slightly heavier, allow you to skip faster, and have more control over the rope.

However, they are not great for skipping outdoors as they are worn down easily on concrete and will eventually break.



Steel wire

Steel wires are the toughest and best weighted skipping ropes you can buy today.

They allow you to get the highest speeds on the rope, so you can do double unders as well as various other tricks.

They are also much less susceptible to wear-and-tear when skipping outdoors



What length skipping rope to buy?

The length of skipping rope you buy will depend on how tall you are.

It’s important to get your rope length right because a rope which is too short will continually get caught on your feet, and a rope which is too long will drag on the floor and slow your skipping down.

As a rule of thumb you should look to create a gap of 6 to 10 inches between your head and the tip of the rope arc when you are skipping.


Skipping rope height


This translates into a rope length of an extra 2-3 feet than your height.

If you stand in the middle of your rope and pull both handles up together, they should come up to your chest if the rope is the right length.

Use this chart for a rough guide to the length of skipping rope you should buy for your height.


Your Height Rope Length
Up to 4’5″ tall 6 foot
4’10” to 5’5″ tall 7 foot
5’5″ to 6′ tall 8 foot
Over 6′ tall 9 foot


Luckily, most skipping ropes are adjustable nowadays, so you can play around with different lengths to see what works for you.

Quick tip: If you buy an adjustable rope that needs cutting to size; don’t cut the rope until you’ve tested the length out for a couple of days.



Skipping rope training tips

Once you’ve got the right rope, follow these tips to make sure you’re skipping correctly and quickly improve your skipping game.

If you’re brand new to skipping, check out this video from the Jump Rope Dudes to get the basics down.


Stay on your toes

Skipping is all about learning how to be quick and light on your feet, so don’t be flat footed when you skip. Stay on your toes and not only will you find skipping much easier, but you’ll greatly strengthen your calf muscles (great for kicking).


Don’t jump too high

When skipping, you should jump just high enough to clear the rope as it passes under your feet. This will expend less energy than jumping high, and the shorter time frame for clearing the rope will force you to skip to a better, quicker rhythm.


Move your wrists – not your arms

If you’re moving your arms around, your hand positioning will move, and the arc of the rope will follow – making it impossible to control the rope. Keep your arms, still and your hands by your hips to ensure the rope stays in the same place throughout. Use your wrists to power the rope around your body.



Best skipping ropes for Muay Thai

If you’re looking to improve your skipping for Muay Thai; buying your own rope and devoting a few minutes a day to practice is a great idea.

Skipping regularly will improve your cardio, stamina, leg strength, rhythm and coordination – with the added bonus of boosting your confidence when it comes to skipping time at the gym.

Essentially, it’s one of the best activities you can do for Muay Thai, and it’s really simple and cheap, because it doesn’t require lots of equipment like bag work or sparring – so I highly recommend it.

Happy training!

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