Best MyProtein flavour

Best MyProtein flavour

When you’re looking to build muscle, a good whey protein powder is essential.

And MyProtein are a great choice for quality protein and they have some truly amazing flavours.

But the choice of flavours can be overwhelming!

So I’ve tried and tested all the flavours they offer, and reviewed them all below for you.




The chocolate MyProtein is a really good chocolate protein. It’s not too sweet and mixes well with both water and milk. If you mix it thoroughly with milk you’ll get pretty close to a chocolate milk shake! Like all other protein powder flavours it has sweeteners in it to keep the sugar content down, so some users talk about the flavour of the sweeteners, but it’s not a big issue unless you’re really sensitive to them.

Best for: Chocolate lovers




The MyProtein banana flavour was a bit of a surprise – in a good way! It’s a subtle banana flavour, not too sickly, not too sweet. It would mix well with both water and milk so if you’re bulking or cutting you’ll get a decent post workout shake either way! If you want a way to get even more flavour (and calories), adding an actual banana to the blender and blitzing the shake will make it extra smooth and really tasty.

Best for: Those who want a subtle flavour



Strawberry cream

This is one of the best flavours MyProtein do in my opinion. It seems to mix particularly well and I thought it was quite like a less thick version of a McDonalds milk shake. It mixes well with both water and milk, but in all honesty the milk makes it a tastier drink. It’s sweet, but not over the top like some other shakes. Like the other fruit flavoured shakes, you can pimp it up with chopped fruit.

Best for: Those who like a hint of sweet fruit.



Apple crumble and custard

The apple crumble and custard is a really popular flavour with the users – it actually tastes like a subtle apple crumble and custard, rather than some chemical version of it. It has a nice balance of fruit and sweet flavour, which means it’s is well liked by a lot of people – it ticks a few boxes. This one works fine with either water or milk, so is great if you’re bulking or cutting.

Best for: Those who want a balance of fruit and sweetness.




The blueberry flavour protein is one of my favourites – it’s another one that is fruity without being too sweet. It has a really nice colour, a subtle flavour and none of the overpowering artificial sweetness you get with a lot of brands. It would also be a great base powder to use for a fruit smoothie, where you could blend it with blueberries in a blender, for the ultimate blueberry hit!

Best for: A solid shake for those who like fruit, but not too much sweetness.



Blueberry cheesecake

This is another firm favourite of mine – it’s basically the same as the blueberry protein but with the additional sweetness and creaminess you’d expect from a cheesecake. If you’re a sweet dairy fan, mix this with milk and you’ve got a blueberry milk shake in a glass! Best if you’re looking to build muscle because you’ll want a lot of it! Again, if you like smoothies this would be a great base protein for a fruit smoothie.

Best for: Blueberry fans who like a little extra sweetness.



Chocolate banana

This is a surprisingly subtle flavour mixture – it’s not as strong a chocolate flavour as you’d expect, nor is the banana as subtle as you’d expect. Nor is it especially sweet. It mixes pretty well with the water, but when you mix it with milk it’s a much better drink. Obviously it is creamier, but it raises the general flavour profile and makes the flavours stand out more. I’d always suggest you have this flavour with milk.

Best for: Chocolate fans who don’t want anything too sweet.


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Chocolate caramel

The chocolate caramel flavour smells great but doesn’t quite taste as good as you’d expect. It’s not bad, it has a decent flavour but for me there are better flavours in the range. It’s sweet, but it loses the chocolate element of it far too easily. If you like sweet flavours it’s OK and it is improved a lot by milk, so give that a try if you’re into chocolate protein flavours.

Best for: Sweet chocolate fans.



Chocolate coconut

The chocolate coconut was a big surprise to me – I thought it would taste really fake, but it’s actually a nice, sweet drink without the strong artificial flavour. It’s a bit like a subtle bounty bar, with the coconut flavour being slightly stronger than in an actual bounty. This one works better with water in my opinion, but either would work pretty well. If you like coconut, give this one a try!

Best for: Those who like bounty bars.



Chocolate mint

I love this flavour – it’s sweet with a subtle minty flavour. It’s another one of those flavours that can help you keep your calories in check whilst still getting a sweet hit. The mint is in the background rather than a strong, dominant flavour. It’s a great one to mix with milk so is ideal if you’re in the process of adding muscle. It works with water too, just not quite as well.

Best for: Mint choc chip ice cream lovers.



Chocolate nut

If you like Nutella, this is the one for you. If you aren’t a big nut fan, run a mile from this. It’s sweet, with a strong nutty flavour. Like a few others, it can be mixed really well with both water or milk. Only buy this one if you really like nuts – it seems to have raving rans or absolute haters, with very few people thinking it’s ‘OK’, so make your own mind up!

Best for: Nutella fans.



Chocolate orange

The chocolate orange protein powder is really interesting – personally I love chocolate oranges, so the flavour combo works well for me. It’s like a chocolate orange milkshake when it’s mixed with milk. Like a lot of chocolate protein shakes it’s not brilliant when mixed with water, but mixed with milk it’s great! It’s not especially sweet and the orange flavour is subtle, but you can still get the taste of it clearly.

Best for: Terry’s chocolate orange lovers!



Chocolate peanut butter

Maybe I’m being a bit controversial here, but I really don’t get on with this one – it doesn’t taste like chocolate or peanut butter, so it’s something of an odd flavour. That being said, there are people who love it, I’m just giving my opinion. If you are a fan of peanut butter or chocolate, you should give it a chance and see what you think. It’s not disgusting, I just think there are better flavours out there.

Best for: peanut butter fans.



Coffee caramel

This is an interesting one – the coffee flavour is subtle, but it’s there. The caramel is sweet, but not too sweet. It’s a very well balanced protein powder and even if you don’t like coffee you may well get along with this. Works well with water, which is a surprise because the sweeter coffee flavours usually work best with milk, but this is the exception. It’s perfect if you want to have a post-workout shake without the intense sweet hit.

Best for: Sweet coffee drinkers.



Cookies and cream

The cookies and cream protein doesn’t typically review well, mostly on account of it’s sweetness. I can understand why – if you don’t like sweet then I’d give this one a miss. If you like dairy though, go for it – there’s a sweet, creamy taste to the drink and if you’re a dairy lover trying to add muscle, a full fat milk and a couple of scoops of this could be ideal post workout nutrition for you!

Best for: Dairy lovers!




The MyProtein latte flavour protein is a really sweet coffee flavoured protein powder. If you like sweet, milky coffee then this is perfect for you. It’s unlike any protein powder I’ve tried before, with the sweetness contrasting the almost bitter coffee. I personally really liked it and can see it becoming really popular with bodybuilding coffee fans! It’s another one that mixes well with both water and milk, so take your pick!

Best for: Fans of sweet coffee.




This was another surprising one. I was unsure about this one at first because I love coffee and coffee flavoured foods so didn’t want this to disappoint. Thankfully it didn’t – the Mocha flavoured MyProtein has a subtle iced coffee taste to it. If you mix it with ice in your shaker it’s basically a protein coffee! You can mix this with either milk or water and it tastes good. It’s not a strong coffee taste, but it’s definitely there.

Best for: Those who like an iced coffee.




The Vanilla flavour from MyProtein is generally well reviewed – both on it’s own and as an addition to other flavours. Personally I think it’s OK – it’s pretty sweet but that’s not a big issue. Interestingly I learnt a lot of people add other flavours to it as well, using it as a base. I haven’t tried that but see how it could work. It’s a pretty good, natural tasting vanilla. Works best with milk – water makes it too weak.

Best For: People who aren’t into strong flavours.




The pineapple flavour is interesting – it tastes just like pineapple which is always a bonus. It can be mixed really well with water and gives you a nice fruity flavour without being too over the top from a sweetness point of view. If you want to try something a little different then this is ideal, but if you aren’t too keen on tropical fruit flavours, avoid it. There’s no mistaking the flavour of this one!

Best for: Those who love tropical fruit flavours.




The Raspberry flavour is unique in that it’s sweet and tart at the same time. You could use the raspberry flavour as a great base for a fruit smoothie, but it’s also good on its own. If you like the milkshake style of fruit protein then this can be the perfect base. If you’re not a huge fan of sweet, but like fruit then this works well because of the tart nature of it. It’s basically fruit protein for those without the real sweet tooth.

Best For: Those who want fruit protein, without the sweetness.



Salted caramel

This is one of the best flavours in the MyProtein range in my opinion. It’s a pretty huge sweet hit, but that is balanced out by the salted element of it. Of course it tastes like caramel as you’d expect, but it does a really good job of tasting of exactly what it claims to, which many protein shakes can’t. If you don’t like sweet foods it may be a bit much for you, but I love it.

Best for: Salted caramel fans – it tastes exactly as it should!



Sticky toffee pudding

The sticky toffee pudding has the classic sticky toffee pudding smell, but it doesn’t have the taste. It’s a huge sweet hit (as you’d expect), but if you were expecting a culinary delight you’ll be disappointed. It doesn’t taste bad – it tastes like toffee, but there’s no ‘pudding’ element to it at all! If you want a toffee flavoured protein powder, you’d do a lot worse than this one. It tastes fine – better with milk.

Best for: Toffee sauce fans.



Summer fruits

I’d go as far as to say this is the best protein powder I’ve ever tasted. It’s sweet, has genuine fruity flavours and mixes really well. It’s just as good with water if you’re keeping your calories low, or with milk if you want a little extra fuel on board. You can use it as a base protein powder for smoothies, or keep it as it is and just drink it on it’s own. This is a really, really good protein powder if you don’t like the chocolate or coffee flavours.

Best for: Big fruit flavour fans



The tiramisu is a good flavour – you don’t get the coffee taste so if that would put you off, don’t worry because it’s not really there. It’s more of a creamy, milky flavour. It has plenty of sweetness, as you’d expect from a dessert based flavour, but it’s not as sweet as say, cookies and cream. If you want a change from the chocolate based protein powders then this is a good shout. Best mixed with milk.

Best for: Sweet protein fans who want a change from chocolate.



White chocolate

If you love sweet protein powders without too strong a flavour, this is the one for you. It’s like a vanilla protein shake with the sweetness dialled right up. It’s essentially a dessert in a drink – even if you mix it with water it’s still a massive sweet hit. If that’s your thing, this is the perfect protein powder for you. If you’re trying to drop bodyfat and missing sweet treats, you may have the solution to your cravings right here.

Best For: Those with a really sweet tooth!



Choosing the best MyProtein flavour for you

The MyProtein flavours can be broadly categorised into chocolate flavours, coffee flavours, fruit flavours and dessert flavours. They’re all different and you have to decide what you like – if you’re a fruit fan, don’t go for chocolate for example! Then you should think about the level of sweetness and what you’d like to mix it with – water or milk. This can make a protein better or worse depending on your taste.

Typically, the fruit flavours and coffee flavours work best with water and the chocolate and dessert flavours work better with milk, but it’s down to personal taste. Read my reviews, decide on what you like and go from there. You’ll find the perfect flavour for you.

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