6 best Muay Thai gyms in Bristol

Best Muay Thai gyms Bristol

If you’re looking to train Muay Thai in Bristol, you’re in luck.

Bristol is packed to the teeth with martial arts gyms – many of them offering high quality Muay Thai training.

I have compiled a list of 6 of the best Muay Thai gyms in Bristol, to help you find the perfect place to train, whether you’re a newbie or a pro.

I’ll be going over all the points from the below checklist so we can be sure you’re getting all the info you need.


  • Location – Where is it?
  • Transport links – How easy is it to get there?
  • Prices – Is it good value for money? And do they offer a free trial class?

Combat Warriors | Easton

Combat Warriors are serious about Muay Thai and are one of Bristol’s most respected gyms with an excellent Muay Thai team behind them

They accept rank beginners all the way up to seasoned pros, even those from other disciplines such as karate or wrestling.

Their team can assist you all the way up to competing and have various sponsors, so if you ever wanted to take your practice to that next level, you definitely can with these guys.





Transport links

Stapleton Road Lawrence Hill Montpelier



Contact gym for current prices


Visit the Combat Warriors website



Bristol Dojo | Bedminster Down

Located in Bedminster Down, Bristol Dojo offer a K1 kickboxing version of Muay Thai amongst many other martial arts

Whilst their website itself may not be easy to navigate, their actual service is second to none. They hold regular open mats and offer all manner of martial arts alongside their core Muay Thai sessions, such as Karate Jute and BJJ.

As they are home to many UK, European and world ranking athletes, Bristol Dojo has to have the very best in equipment, meaning when you sign up, you’re getting the best bang for your buck possible.

Don’t be deterred by the fact that high level athletes train here though. They have no age restrictions and welcome people from all walks of life.



Bedminster Down


Transport links

Parson Street Bedminster

Bristol Temple Meads



Adults; Basic – £40/month, Striking or BJJ – £55/month & MMA – £65/month Family – £90/month

Little champions – £25/month

Junior; Basic – £30/month & Full – £45/month


Visit the Bristol Dojo website


Sweat Box Fitness | Redcliffe

Proudly marketed as an independent members gym, Sweat Box is great for people who love working out in groups and the camaraderie that it brings.

It is independently owned and that feeling really permeates through everything they do. Whilst it isn’t a pure Muay Thai gym, they have an excellent Muay Thai offering for all levels of ability.

If this is for you, take advantage of their free trial and have a look around at their fantastic Muay Thai and MMA equipment such as bodybags, kettlebells, crossfire rigs and pads.





Transport links

Bedminster Parson Street

Bristol Temple Meads



Pay as go – £ 10 per lesson

Peak membership – £80

Off-peak membership – £55


Visit the Sweat Box Fitness website



ProTom Fitness | Multiple locations

ProTom has 5 different gyms located all around Bristol. They offer a more bespoke approach to Muay Thai with a lot of personal training elements incorporated into their sessions and facilities.

Each gym is kitted out with weights, heavy bags and functional equipment like medicine balls and TRX ropes.

Their Thai Kickboxing class is based around group training with a maximum of 12 people and is an intense mix of self-defence and circuit training. The maximum of 12 people ensures that it still stays fairly intimate and allows for more 1-on-1 time with your instructor.



  • Tuesdays, Longwell Green, 5 Aldermoor Way, BS30 7DA from 7pm to 8:30pm
  • Wednesday, Redland, 15 Hampton Lane, Bristol, BS6 6LE from 6 pm to 7:30 pm
  • Saturday at Workout harbourside, Welshback BS1 4SB from 10am to 11.30am



Trial session – £8 Per session

£15 Per month (4 sessions)

£56 (£54 when booked for 3 months) Per month (8 sessions)

£104 1-on1 & group PT package – £194/month (3 month contract)


Visit the ProTom Fitness website



Personal Combat Training | St Jude’s

Personal Combat Training are definitely one of the slicker operations here in Bristol. As you can see on their site, they have a very strong brand.

They’re not just all mouth though – PCT have one of the best trainer rosters in the city. They are headed up by Kru Paul Studholme who is a former professional fighter, personal trainer, nutritionist and wellbeing specialist.

He enforces a ‘sergeant major’ style of coaching which will allow you to surpass whatever limits you thought you might have. If you’re looking to push yourself and really progress your Muay Thai practice, Paul and his dojo might well be for you.



St. Jude’s


Transport links

Lawrence Hill Stapleton Road Montpelier



Gym only membership – £30/month (£25 student/universal credit)

Kickboxing/Muay Thai/K1 membership – £60/month (£50 student/universal credit)

All-in membership – £80/month (£70 student/universal credit)

All-in membership unlimited – £90/month

Pay as you go – £10 (£7 student/universal credit)


Visit the Personal Combat Training website



Bristol Martial Arts Academy | Hengrove

Bristol Martial Arts Academy offer an extremely comprehensive package for all manner of students. They are clear that their facilities are for absolutely everyone – from children to the elderly, from novice to pro – everyone is treated equally.

They place a large emphasis on the mental benefits of Muay Thai such as increases in self- esteem and de-stressing which may be a big selling point for you if you think mental health is an area you would really like to work on.

Not only that, but their modern facilities contain all the kit you could possibly need for the perfect MMA session. Just one look at their testimonials will tell you everything you need to know about their equipment, their ethos and their results.





Transport links

Bedminster Parson Street

Bristol Temple Meads



Free trial pass (with free gloves and a free book)

Contact gym for current prices


Visit the Bristol Martial Arts Academy website



Training Muay Thai in Bristol

Hopefully this guide provides you with everything you need to pick a Muay Thai gym in Bristol – see also our guide to Muay Thai gyms in London.

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