7 best freestanding punch bags reviews

Best freestanding punch bag reviews

The freestanding punch bag is one of the most essential bits of kit out there for improving your Muay Thai or MMA skills.

A great bag doesn’t take up too much room, and it can take a lot of punishment without wearing out.

The benefits of opting for a freestanding bag over hanging bags, is that they are much easier to move around and don’t require you to screw holes and brackets into your ceiling

One problem you may encounter on your quest for a top-notch freestanding punchbag bag is the sheer amount of choice available to you.

So, I’ve put together this guide to review the best freestanding punch bags out there, and help you make the right choice for your training.

Gallant freestanding punch bag (5.5ft)

This little bag from Gallant is one of the cheapest freestanding punchbags you can lay your hands on.

High quality PU leather means that this bag is not only durable, but it doesn’t cost the earth either.

The shock absorbing microfibre padding means a longer lifespan. You can also opt for water or sand in the base. Water is a little lighter, but also easier to move around after a session – tough choice!



  • Very cheap compared to similar punch bags.
  • Hard-wearing PU leather exterior.
  • A good length for all manner of kicks and punches whilst accommodating most fighter heights.



  • Slightly garish design for some tastes.
  • Narrow base may be easier than some to kick or punch over for heavy hitters.
  • Inferior overall quality to some more expensive options on this list.



Gallant freestanding punch bag (6ft)

Gallant’s second offering, coming in at a taller size and with a more premium price point is perfect for coordination – and with a steadier base, this may be the perfect option for those with slightly more budget.

Made from the same shock absorbing material of the previous version, and with a PU leather exterior – but with an improved base that comes with suction cups to hold it to the ground (the only one in the group with this feature) makes this a strong contender for best bag on the list.



  • At 6ft, perfectly suited to taller fighters.
  • Targets on pad make it a great way to train coordination.
  • Suction cups underneath offer extra stability on flat floors.
  • PU leather exterior – tough but budget friendly



  • Screws may come loose after a few months-worth of heavy sessions. Be sure to re-screw regularly to keep the bag in top condition.
  • Narrow base again, may be easier to strike over for bigger fighters.
  • Some instances of short lifespan. Be sure to take care of the base if you want to extend the usability of this product. You can do this my keeping the bag and base covered and indoors as much as possible.
  • Not real leather, so will not last as long as real leather bag.



TurnerMAX freestanding punch bag (6ft)

With shock absorption top of this punch bag’s credentials, it looks like the TurnerMAX could be the perfect solution for the heavy hitters.

The synthetic leather exterior and foam filled interior make the TurnerMAX the most well equipped bag for those with big strikes. This level of durability is perfect for all levels of martial artists though, not just seasoned practitioners.

With a wider base than most on the list and the option to fill this base to around 180kg, this bag is nearly impossible to fell.



  • Made of shock absorbing material on both the exterior and interior to nullify large strikes.
  • Sturdy base is incredibly hard to knock over.
  • Base is easy to fill with water or sand so you can get started right away.



  • May be able to be knocked over with extremely hard kicks but shouldn’t be an issue most of the time.
  • Lacks the target combo areas that other bags on the list have.
  • Tube length is on the shorter side – but base stability compensates for the most part.



RDX freestanding punch bag

ThIS freestanding punch bag from RDX is this list’s first foray into fighter-shaped bags. RDX offer this extremely well-received bit of kit for less than £85.

This is an absolute steal for a bag of this calibre. It is uncommon to get such a sturdy freestanding bag that is shaped like an opponent for this price. It has to be the best value for money bag of its kind.

Made from Maya hide – one of the most durable synthetic leathers, this bag has it will take a pounding and last a long time.

Along with its huge base, 5cm EVA foam filling AND free gloves, this may well be the perfect starter bag for someone looking to get more precise with their training.



  • Shaped like an opponent so you can practice hitting certain target areas more specifically and angled shots.
  • Very cheap compared to other bags on this list without compromising on any quality whatsoever.
  • Maya hide leather offers durability that’ll see this bag last for years.
  • Gloves are included in package.



  • Upon landing extremely hard kicks, body can be dislodged. Just take care to kick forwards and not upwards.
  • Base may leak if overfilled, be careful to check where you are filling it up to.
  • Bag starts quite high from floor level, so low kicks are impossible to land. It is well equipped for medium and high kicks though.



BodyRip freestanding punch bag

Potentially the best freestanding punch bag on this list – and on the market!

This takes the fighter shaped bags to another level, complete with a lifelike upper body for a truly realistic sparring experience, where you can practice landing angled shots to the head and body

The soft exterior material means you can practice with or without gloves.

The base can be filled up with sand or water to 110kg which is extremely difficult to knock over too, meaning you can go as long as you want with no unnecessary interruptions.

The interior material consists of tightly packed foam, which works perfectly for those who are heavy hitters. The density of this interior also gives a much longer lifespan than any other bag on the list.



  • The fleshy torso shaped body of this bag provides one of the most realistic training experiences on the market.
  • When base is full, the bag weighs up to 110kg, extremely hard to knock over.
  • Made specifically for heavy punches and kicks, this bag can take anything you throw at it.
  • Adjustable height to mix up training or share with multiple people



  • Priced at £209.95, may be too expensive for some budgets.
  • Only features upper half of body so it is impossible to aim lower kicks.
  • Jawline of the dummy susceptible to splitting after repeated use over the years.



Lions freestanding punch bag (5.5ft)

The cheapest and most cheerful on the list, the Lions freestanding punch bag is the lowest price bracket.

This is a steal though, for £59.99, you get a fantastic build quality that consists of a synthetic leather exterior and plastic base that fills up with either water or sand.

Compared to others on the list, it may be slightly lower quality, but for this price, you really can’t argue with the value for money.

It also comes with gloves to save you even more money. You really do get some serious bang for your buck.



  • An absolute steal at £59.99. The cheapest of the lot.
  • Great build quality for the price. Stories of the bag taking beatings over the years from martial arts instructors up and down the country.
  • Comes complete with gloves so you can get cracking from the off.



  • Base may have welding issues, so be wary when unpacking. Is an easy fix but best to err on the side of caution from the off.
  • Needs sand instead of water if possible. When filled with water the base moves a lot more.
  • Padding is quite hard so not the best shock absorption




Everlast Powercore freestanding punch bag

Everlast make our most expensive bag on the list, but does price equal quality?

Its high density plastic base can be filled with water or sand up to 113kg, meaning stability is a big very good here. Add to that the flexible ‘neck’ design of the body, and this bag is never going to get knocked over – it is hands down the most stable bag on the list.

The exterior is made from a synthetic leather which, paired with the flexible neck technology, prevents excessive wear which can extend the lifespan of your bag by years.

You can train drills on this daily for years and it would remain in decent condition.



  • ‘Neck’ design allows the bag to move during heavy strikes without much base movement.
  • Wide, shallow base is super easy to fill up and empty making it easy to move about whenever needed.
  • Foam collar surrounding bag allows for extra power absorption and comfort when striking.



  • £279.99 may be slightly too much, especially for those with tight budgets.
  • Top area has a tendency to come unstuck after repeated use. Can be popped back in but just a heads up.
  • For the heavy hitters out there, take extra care of the ‘neck’ portion as this has a reputation for wearing down.



How to choose a freestanding punch bag

Let’s look at a few variables that you need to take into consideration when weighing up your punch bag options.

Believe it or not, it isn’t just as simple as; ‘it stands up and I can hit it’. Here are some factors to bear in mind.



You know how much of a punishing your punchbag is going to be taking, so it is essential that you match your exterior to the amount off rigour you’ll be exposing it to.

If you’re going to hit it a few times a month then you’ll be able to get away with lesser build quality and poorer materials like plastic and vinyl.

If you’re going to be hammering it multiple times per week then you’re going to want to opt for leather where possible. Faux leather options such as PU and Maya hide are also very popular durable options for those with a slightly smaller budget.



This is often a very overlooked aspect of your punchbag. Do you ever really give any thought to what’s inside? I know I never.

You want a material that’s soft enough to absorb blow after blow, but hard enough to offer decent resistance and durability over time.

A good freestanding bag will be packed with a high quality foam, some cheaper bags may be filled with shredded fabric



Does your base come pre-filled? How sturdy is it? How heavy will it be when filled up? These are questions you need to constantly ask yourself every time you check out a new punchbag.

Ideally, you’re looking for a base that can be filled up and emptied easily to make storage and transport easier. You also want one that can keep your bag upright no matter how hard your strikes are – and I’m sure they’re hard.

You also need to know if you can fill it with sand or water, as sand filling will add costs if you need to buy a big bag of sand.



If you’re tall, go for a taller bag. If you’re a tad shorter, go for a shorter bag. I know this may be blowing your mind but it really is true.

Jokes aside, anything around 5ft is good for your Muay Thai practice as it allows for a variety of heights for your kicks whilst still allowing you to throw conventional punches.

Adjust as necessary for your height. If you’re sharing your bag with people of different sizes aka, partners, friends, family, maybe try and find yourself an adjustable bag to get the best of both worlds.



Do you want a standard bag or do you want something shaped slightly more like an opponent?

These different types of bags have their pros and cons but it is vitally important that you establish what you’re after before jumping head first into a decision.

With standard shaped bags, you are able to land straight kicks and punches only.

With an opponent shaped bag, you can practice your uppercuts, axe kicks and more precision-based moves more effectively.



It goes without saying but I’m going to say it anyway – pay for what you can afford.

If there’s a punchbag that you really want but is out of your price range, you may be better holding fire until you can afford it or looking at other, more reasonably priced options.

You do get what you pay for when it comes to punchbags though so bear this in mind. Try to invest in the best one you can feasibly afford, and you won’t go wrong. It’s a long-term investment so you should treat it as such.



Choosing the best freestanding punch bag for your training

You’ve been armed with all the information you could possibly need for choosing the right freestanding punch bag for you.

All that’s left to do now is to make your mind up – then start training hard!

Good luck with your training!

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