Best boxing gloves for beginners

Best boxing gloves for beginners

If you’re just getting started in boxing, you’re going to need a good pair of boxing gloves.

But if you want the best protection for your hands and wrists, then it’s important to pick a high quality pair.

So, I’ve reviewed 9 of the best boxing gloves for beginners on the market, to help you kick your boxing career off right.


RDX Ego boxing gloves

The RDX Ego Boxing Gloves are some of the best boxing gloves at their price point on the market. With RDX producing all kinds of combat sports equipment, they’ve learnt what makes for good gloves.

These are well made, feature packed and come with a subtle buy eye-catching design. The build materials are high quality, the padding and shock absorption is first class and they’re incredibly comfortable to wear. They’re ideal for both sparring and competition and thanks to the comfort features (padding, ventilation and wrist support) can be worn for hours at a time.



  • Fantastic build quality
  • Excellent knuckle padding for shock absorption and protection
  • Made with Maya Hide leather to prevent cracking and splitting
  • Additional wrist support
  • Ventilation to reduce sweating



  • Sizing can be an issue, so spend time getting the right size



Everlast pro style boxing gloves

The Everlast name is synonymous with boxing and over the decades they’ve produced some iconic gloves. These Pro Style boxing gloves take the traditional style and designs worn by Muhammad Ali and fuse them with modern technology.

The glove comes in a two-part construction to help with natural hand alignment and movement – the thumb is stitched to the rest of the glove independently and the palm section has a ventilated mesh to keep the hands cool. The padding and protection is provided by dense, two-layer foam that allows for shock absorbency throughout heavy punches. These are a good all-round training glove that are suitable for most users.



  • Simple, subtle design
  • Keeps the hands padded and protected
  • Consistent sizing and weight
  • Low price point



  • Stitching can come loose after months of heavy use



Adidas Hybrid boxing gloves

The Adidas Hybrid Boxing Gloves are a solid all-round boxing glove, ideal for bag work, light sparring and competition. They are constructed from a synthetic PU leather and have a subtle two-colour design. The quality is high, as you’d expect from Adidas products. The price point is mid-range, in line with most of the boxing glove market.

The padding and protection comes from 2 piece injection moulded foam that has been ergonomically shaped to provide thorough protection even during the hardest shots. They’re available from 8oz right through to 16oz and come with the additional wrist support provided by the thick Velcro strap.



  • Great build quality
  • Excellent hand protection for user
  • Nice design
  • Excellent wrist support via the thick Velcro strap



  • Ventilation could be better
  • May require hand wraps to prevent knuckles from rubbing with heavy use



Mytra fusion boxing gloves

The Mytra Fusion boxing gloves are an absolute bargain for the price point – at less than £20 you’d expect the quality and materials to be at the lower end of the scale, but in this case both the build quality and the construction materials are great.

With a top grade synthetic leather, the gloves are durable and suitable for pad and bag work, sparring and competition. There are antimicrobial properties in the interior, the padding is provided by shock absorption technology and the wrist is supported by wrap around Velcro strapping. The ergonomic design of the glove helps with comfort and support.



  • Incredibly high quality construction
  • Durable gloves with top level comfort
  • Well ventilated in the palms
  • Excellent wrist support



  • Can be a slightly large fit
  • Stiff for the first few uses



RDX Quadro Dome boxing gloves

As you’d expect with RDX, the Quadro Dome gloves are a fantastic product. Whether you are a casual user or a competitive boxer, the Quadro Dome gloves are hard to beat in terms of quality, value and overall design.

They’re made from ConVEX skin combat leather to make them strong and long-lasting. In addition, they contain EVA padding and X-Foam on the palm, providing extra padding and support. The Quadro-Dome mould allows the wearer to form an effective fist and thr ventilated palms ensure full ventilation for the palms, reducing sweating for the wearer.



  • Unbeatable build quality
  • Long lasting and able to withstand very heavy use
  • Excellent padding and support
  • Great design



  • Some users may not like the tighter fit of the glove
  • Only available in black



Alpha Force boxing gloves

You’d be forgiven for thinking that gloves at such a low price point wouldn’t be very good, but the Alphas Force boxing gloves prove that quality can come at a low price. With very high review scores and no complaints on build quality or padding, these are seriously good value gloves.

Made with Alpha-Force Tech precision placed knuckle padding and a V-72T7sponge comfort foam, they’re both well-built and keep your hands very well protected. Comfort features include a moisture-wicking hand lining and a full wrap around hook and loop closure, which keeps the hands secure and the wrist protected.



  • Great build quality
  • Excellent hand and wrist protection
  • Fantastic value



  • Only available from 10oz up so may not suit all users



Lions boxing gloves

The Lions boxing gloves are a decent option if you’re after a glove that will work for pad and bag work. They’re a simple design with a basic level of features and functions, but for the price point they do as you’d expect.

The gloves are made from a durable synthetic leather, so should last a long time. They’re hand-stitched and contain an injection-moulded foam for shock absorption and hand protection. There is a Velcro strap around the wrists to keep the gloves on securely. The Lions boxing gloves are available in a huge range of colours to suit all tastes.



  • Low price point
  • Suitable for pad and bag work
  • Decent level of padding



  • Some build quality issues
  • Little wrist support



Emrah boxing gloves

The Emrah boxing gloves are another solid mid-price offering that is perfectly suited to all bag, pad, sparring and competition use. With an excellent build quality and a lot of features for the price point, these are gloves with qualities that surpass their price point.

Made with the durable Maya-X material, they’ll withstand heavy use. They also boast extra thick knuckle padding and a shock absorbing mould to improve safety. The palms contain breathable mesh for comfort and the large Velcro strap provides the important wrist support. The gloves are available in a wide range of colours and an eye-catching design.



  • Very durable and able to withstand heavy use
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Great styling and design
  • Excellent shock absorption across the knuckles



  • Slightly less thumb protection than other gloves
  • Questionable stitching on some gloves



Farabi boxing gloves

The Farabi boxing gloves offer excellent performance at a very reasonable price point. Boasting comfort and performance features at a low price point, they’re ideal for anyone looking to include some boxing work into their training.

With a tough synthetic leather construction to withstand a lot of heavy bag use, they’re built to last. Add to that the tri-layer shock absorption for the knuckles and the solid wrist fastening and you have a decent boxing glove. Ventilation features and sweat-absorbing nano-spores keep the hands from getting too sweaty. The comfort fit makes using these a genuine pleasure.



  • Durable construction
  • Excellent knuckle padding
  • Fantastic hand fit and feel



  • Stiff for the first few uses
  • Sizing can be a little small



Choosing your beginner boxing gloves

Beginners need good quality boxing gloves to protect the hands properly during the learning stages. In this section we’re going to look at what you need to think about when choosing your beginner boxing gloves.



The great thing about the boxing gloves market is that there a lot of brands making great quality gloves at a good price point. With companies such as RDX, Everlast and Adidas making gloves, plus the up and coming brands, you’ve got a lot of choice and reputations to look at.



Most beginner boxing gloves are made from a synthetic leather, which is very durable but also light weight. Check for reports from other users about the quality, but all of the gloves reviewed here will be perfectly suitable.



The weight of gloves you choose depends on the use you have in mind. If you’re using them for a boxercise class or light bag work, you could opt for 8oz gloves. If you’re going down the more serious training/competing route, you’ll need heavier gloves.



The harder you hit, the better the gloves you’ll need. If you’re going to be training a lot, hitting the heavy bag and sparring many rounds then you’ll need durable gloves. Look for Maya hide or synthetic leather construction and read past user reviews about quality.



Modern gloves include foams and gels to improve user comfort. A thick Velcro wrist band is important, as is the ventilation. If your hands get too sweaty it can see the gloves slip around and rub on the knuckles.



Excellent protection is important in beginner boxing gloves. Look for multi-layered protection knuckle protection and if possible, thumb protection. Again, a Velcro wrist strap offers additional wrist support which is crucial.



Pick your best pair of beginner boxing gloves

The best pair of boxing gloves is down to individual taste and requirements, but when you have considered your intended use, budget, design tastes and all relevant features it’s a case of looking at brand, reputation and reviews from other users. With the advice from this article you won’t go wrong with any choice you make.

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